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HappyCow lists all the vegan, vegetarian, and veg-friendly restaurants in every city in the world, along with health food stores and other local resources. Check it out!

HappyCow lists all the vegan, vegetarian, and veg-friendly restaurants in every city in the world, along with health food stores and other local resources. Check it out!

Veg News released their August edition for free! View the digital copy here!

Asker jrayszandor Asks:
Hey i love your blog! And i was wondering if someone like me, who likes to eat meat and comes from a place where meat is a like a god and such, can became a vegetarian? Im im the culinary school so i know a vegan diet is very good, ive been thinking about that simce last year, but know that my health is really bad i want to try it... Do you think i can be a vegetarian? Im very afraid of going well but having that desire of meat... Tips? What dp you think? Thanks and keep the good blog!!
veganfoody veganfoody Said:

Thanks! Sure.. anyone can go veg :) It’s easy if you get the right information to start with.

It takes about 3 weeks to break a food habit. So give it some time! Try substitutions like seitan, tofu, and tempeh.. Gardein and Field Roast are amazing too.

If you’re struggling with cravings, it could be your body is needing a nutrient associated with the craving. eg: if you’re craving red meat, it could be you just need to chow on some foods containing more iron - like chickpeas, lentils, spinach, tofu… 

Check out some films on how animals are treated like It was the movie that inspired me to go veg.

Vegucated and Forks over Knives are great movies too. I’ve compiled a list of other films here:

Search for local veg restaurants with 

Some more helpful posts:

Good luck! If you have any questions.. don’t hesitate to ask me!

Anyone else have some tips?

11 New Vegan Products We Love!
Click to see the full list on the Mercy for Animals blog.

It’s pretty awesome that this post has gotten over 5,000 notes since I put it up a few months ago. Let’s see if we can get it up to 10,000!


A collection of powerful videos you might want to check out.

Skin Trade*
Meet Your Meat*
Bold Native*
The Cove*
Forks Over Knives
Fat Sick and Nearly Dead
Films for Action
Holocaust on a Conveyor Belt
What a Difference a Day Makes (music by Moby)
Speciesism: The Movie*
The Ghosts in our Machine*
~Edit: I’ve added your suggestions below:
The Gerson Miracle
Food Inc.*
River of Waste
Food Matters
Gary Yourofsky’s Inspirational Speech at Georgia Tech
Peaceable Kingdom
More than Honey
Death on a Factory Farm
Hungry for Change
The Beautiful Truth
The Meatrix
Maximum Tolerated Dose
Behind the Mask*
The Witness

*Some of these videos contain graphic material. I’ve marked the ones I know of.

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