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Eternal watermelons for an eternal summerWatermelon Popsicles with Mango and Kiwi (Vegan)

Whenever watermelon is brought into the house, my mind begins buzzing with things to do with it because it is just such a versatile fruit. Watermelon is the perfect fruit for making popsicles, because it’s so watery but naturally sweet and just tastes amazing frozen. The best part is that with watermelon, you don’t need yogurt, or honey or even ice to make the perfect popsicles.

  1. De-seed the Watermelon and puree it in a blender until it forms a liquidy red mixture
  2. Layer the bottom (or what will be the top) of your popsicle containers with diced Mango
  3. Place a coin of cut Kiwi on top of this diced Mango in each popsicle container, and then pour the watermelon puree in
  4. Freeze overnight and you should be good to go with these popsicles for breakfast, afternoon snacks or after-dinner fruit! 


Beautiful simplicity: The Easiest Oatmeal Porridge with Blueberry, Kiwi and Walnuts

Having oatmeal porridge is perhaps the only way to make the already delicious simplicity of oatmeal even more delicious - it’s like having a warm hug of breakfast wholeness to soothe your soul. It was 6AM before I flew off to a week of partying on the island of Samui, so the fact that I managed to make and photograph this before I left for my early morning flight attest to just how easy this is to make. Of course, oatmeal, blueberries, kiwi and walnuts is always a killer combination.

  1. Oatmeal porridge: Simply cook oatmeal the way you normally do (for me that’s 40g of oatmeal with 3/4 cup of soymilk) but make sure you add twice the amount of soy or coconut or any vegan alternative to milk, so that it forms a soupy porridge. 
  2. Blueberry sauce is simply pureed blueberries, and I let a handful of Chia seeds sit overnight in the blueberry sauce to thicken it to form a nice consistency. 

Just the Bare Fruit Tarts


Delicious raw, vegan tarts made entirely of fruit!

(via veganfeast)

Frozen Mango, Kiwi, Raspberry Pops