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For the first time, I made Peach Salsa!    So, for dinner last night, I added it to a grain and bean salad.    I was really good - nom nom nom.

Raw “Pumpkin” Pie With Thyme
Contains no pumpkin but is meant to taste just like the classic dish.


Well, here is a little Doodling Project I’ve been working on.  This is a Whole Poster Board.  Anyway, you all know the question we vegans get!  ”What do you eat, then?”  And, “Where do you get your protein?” There would be nothing left to eat if you didn’t want to eat Dairy, Meat, and Eggs, Right?? ;P This should give anyone who doesn’t want to consume animals at least a little start!  :)  

There are many foods not on this list (probably thousands more), but like I said it’s a start. 

By the way, I use to check for vegan alcohol.  If y’all know of another site, please let me know.  

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Roasted Red Curry Potato Stack Salad
The roasted red curry potato stacks are nestled into a blend of baby spinach, basil, and cilantro leaves. Topped with heirloom cherry tomatoes, carrot ribbons, and curry roasted cashews. Then this delicious party salad is drizzled with a silky smooth, cilantro, lime and coconut milk dressing.