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Q: What should a vegan keep in their kitchen at all times?

Hemp Seeds
Add to your smoothies for an added protein boost along with some omega goodness.

Soak and blend with water or non-dairy milk to make super easy sweet or savory sauces!

Almond Milk
Or soy, coconut, hemp, quinoa, rice.. whatever non-dairy milk you fancy! Use it in your smoothies, sauces or soup.

So versatile! Make hummus, Better Than Tuna Sandwiches, soup (ppk’s chickpea soup is my fave).. it’s handy to have a few cans in your cupboard at all times.

Old-Fashioned Lentil Loaf is a good stand-by meal.. you can also process some lentils with walnuts to make a healthy taco meat.

Amazing by itself on toast with a bit of salt, or you can blend it with some herbs a bit of oil and lemon juice to make a sauce for your pasta (aka Avocado Pesto Pasta). Yum!

So Delicious Ice Cream
No explanation needed. It’s damn good.

So Delicious Yogurt
Tastes like the real deal. Soy-free (made with coconut milk).

Gardein Faux Meat
These are incredible.. there are so many different varieties available. Have a few in your freezer for an easy meal.

Frozen Fruit
Smoothies! Frozen strawberries and bananas are delish. You can even make a soft serve style dessert or sorbet with them.

Daiya Cheese or Nutritional Yeast
Daiya is the best on grilled cheese sandwiches, or you can add some to your mac and cheese. Nutritional yeast has a cheesy flavour and is a good topping on your popcorn and a great addition to your tofu scramble (also has the all important vitamin B12).

Some of the other items I usually keep on hand are kale, spinach, pasta, rice and dark chocolate!

That’s a look at what’s in my kitchen.. what are a few of your staple items?

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